Balanced acoustics in a room are essential to obtain a perfect working area that help your employees well being and focus. With our range of different panels in all shapes or sizes you can improve your acoustical environment.

Designer Acoustics

Acoustic panels for walls or ceilings reduce echoing. The newest solutions are not only functional but also stylish. Whether you prefer eye catching decorations or neutral panels, in solid colours or print, these are sound absorbing panels are a great fit in any environment.

We can offer a vast choice of ready made products and customised solutions.

Customised according to your project

Do you want to improve your acoustics? Form Design installs acoustic panels in gyms, auditoriums, offices, industrial production areas and workshops.
Form Design's approach is to offer custom solutions, both fully personalised or combined together with standard offers, on the basis of your space, your taste and your budget

Panels are always designed according to fire safety regulations, acoustics, impact resistance, maintenance and cleaning.

Get in touch and discover our acoustic wall and ceiling panels to best fit your needs

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