Specialist in Noise Reduction & Acoustics

Form Design combines the expertise of acoustic engineering & contractor towards executable solutions with his own installation team or highly specialized subcontractors. As acoustical specialists we have a range of solutions in order to solve your acoustical issues and this in respect for the technicals and look & feel of the project.

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Customised Acoustic Solutions

Our constructive team-building with other acoustic engineering companies, architects, interior architects, designers and product designers, results in a customized solution which is required in most of the projects. In this process we check on the technical requirements and Public regulations that need to be applied and this within a given budget. We propose different budget options in order to choose between a customised solution or standard manufactured product currently available.
Of course keeping in mind the initial acoustical demand. Onze constructieve samenwerking met studiebureaus in geluidsisolatie, architecten, interieurarchitecten, ontwerpers en productdesigners vertaalt zich steeds in een oplossing op maat: op maat van de aanvrager en op maat van uw specifieke project. Zo houden we als specialist in akoestiek altijd rekening met de geldende ontwerpeisen en normen, en dit binnen de beschikbare budgettaire ruimte. Met standaardproducten of maatwerk bieden we voor elk project een akoestisch antwoord.

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Project manager of your building project

Projectmanager in acoustics demands a multidisciplinary construction knowledge that we have acquired by more then 30 years of experience in different building specialities which is available at the service of our clients. akoestiek vergt een multidisciplinaire kennis in de bouw die we ten dienste stellen van onze klanten.

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Featured Solutions

Seamless acoustical ceilings

Seamless Acoustic sprayed cellulose fibers in a projected circle.

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Why choose Form Design?

  • Eligibility & confidentiality in different spaces optimized Spraakverstaanbaarheid en confidentialiteit in diverse ruimtes optimaliseren
  • Reduce Noise Impact between rooms and enclosures
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Reducing reverberation time or echoing
  • propose solutions for enoying vibrations in tecnical installations Vervelende of storende trillingen oplossen in technische installaties
  • Multidisciplinary knowledge and +30jaar building experience bouwervaring
  • To the point applicable acoustical solutions and project management oepasbare akoestische oplossingen met opvolging
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