In order to correct reverberation times in offices and factories, a vast range of acoustic ceilings are available for all budgets. The best area to start in for improving office acoustics is the ceiling. The correct acoustic ceiling can dramatically correct the reverberation of sound or echo in the space. Form Design will collaborate with the architect to create the best solution available, working to respect the original design while achieving the desired acoustical result.


Acoustic ceilings are available in all forms, shapes and designs produced by a wide range of manufacturers, especially given the growing awareness for acoustics in open offices. The vast range of materials (metal, wood, gypsum, fabric, stretch, custom etc) currently available and can be combined with lighting, decors, etc. When carrying out a project it is important to make sure that the acoustical absorbent is in place above or integrated in the ceiling panel. The architect's design of a ceiling is what will strongly influence how we develop the best possible acoustic solution. We listen closely to the architects view and study the designs for the project before selecting the right acoustic materials and ceiling type. Concert halls and auditoriums present a specific challenge where aesthetics and acoustic performance require dedicated expertise. With Form Design you have the right independent advisor for beautiful, highly effective acoustics.

Ceilings of all kinds

We have many options while treating the acoustics of a room, at Form Design we always start from a 'ceiling first' principle. We can apply full sized or stretched acoustic ceilings or baffles dispersed over the full surface.

Seamless ceilings

There are different solutions of seamless ceilings available in the market that we can instal, from course sprayed cellulose fibers to ultra smooth fine grain finishes applied on insulation panels. We monitor the best options and materials required by the project: aesthetic demands, budget and maintenance requirements.

Acoustic light emitting stretch ceiling at Bel&Bo
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