With the addition of curtains or upholstered walls you can change the acoustics in a room or living space and really feel the difference.

Curtains for acoustic correction

To correct the acoustics in a room with curtains you can choose from a wide range of fabrics for weight or composition, acoustic transparency, air gap between window and curtain.These all strongly influence the acoustic experience.
When selecting curtains always consider fire safety standards, technical regulations, confection details, rails and motorisation specifications. Furthermore, dim out curtains are less effective in high frequency ranges than normal curtains. Light fabrics also have a lower absorption capacity.

Customized for your project and budget

Velvet and wool are perfect absorbers. We can consult and customise your curtains to your exact needs.
Thanks to the different methods of assembly and the integration of isolating materials into the lining
we can achieve the right acoustic results.
As an independent consultant we will always work with the right suppliers in designer fabrics to provide you with an aesthetic and acoustically performant result within your budget.

Contact us for more information or make an appointment for an audit.

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