Improve the acoustics of any place with Form Design

Well balanced acoustics in a room is a basic necessity. The focus on noise reduction and room acoustics is usually triggered when people have a hard time communicating in a loud space.
Are your offices ,production floors or home spaces too loud? At Form Design we can help you reduce the ambient noise in a room or an entire building. We reduce vibrations or sound reverberation and improve the acoustics to better suit your needs. Contact us and we help design the perfect solution for you.

Create the perfect environment for work

Poor room acoustics originates form the lack or absence of noise absorbing material. To correct the acoustics of your environment,Form Design provides solutions in:

  • Noise absorbing panels
  • Acoustic wall paneling or room dividers
  • Acoustic Insulation between rooms
  • Correction of reverberation time
  • Vibration reduction
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Sound masking
scheidingswand bureau, akoestisch plafond

A comfortable, productive office

Poor acoustics in offices affect your employees concentration, stress and motivation. Correcting the acoustics of the workspace helps you increase overall wellbeing and productivity. Create a pleasant and efficient work environment.


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