Baffles are an easy and ideal best practice to improve the room acoustics in your office or factory, through the correction of reverberation time in your space.

Individual panels

Ludo: Acoustic baffles can be installed both vertically and horizontally. When doing new projects we can discuss quotes, also together with the architect, of needed quantities, suspension, grid rhythm, in order to spread all baffles equally over the volume or ceiling. Overall quantities depend on the size (of what?), material and desired correction.

Original:For new projects where an architect is in charge or where we are free to make our own proposal we discuss the possibilities in quantities, suspension, grid rhythm and make an appropriate proposal that suits all parties. Important is that the baffles are equally spread over the volume or ceiling. The quantity depends on the size, material and desired correction.

Akoestische baffles kunnen zowel horizontaal als verticaal geplaatst worden in bestaande gebouwen. Bij nieuwbouwprojecten gebeurt het ophangen in overleg met de interieurarchitect en de akoestische specialisten. Uw baffles worden aan kabels gehangen, in rasters geplaatst of gekleefd tegen het bestaande plafond en gelijkmatig verdeeld over de ruimte. Hun aantal wordt bepaald afhankelijk van de gekozen grootte en de gewenste correctie.

Baffles in all shapes & sizes

Acoustic baffles where initially used mainly in industrial manufacturing buildings. By developing more new designs and aesthetic finishings, these products found their way to schools and offices usage. Our suppliers have a vast selection of all shapes, materials, forms, finishes. They can be customised to oval, round or random shapes or even integrate lighting, LEDs, print photo's or logo's.
We can help you to find the best options and pricing.

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